Warriors behind the screen.

Let us all give a round of applause to the generation we live in.

A round of applause to the generation of the Antisocial, Anti-happy, Anti-support and of course the most important Anti-Growth.  To the generation of followers and Teams, Followers that have never and probably will never meet the person they chose to  follow and the teams without a purpose or a goal.  The same generations that people can retrieve powers behind A screen, powers like  courage, personality,  and even some excitement in their regular life but you know what is terrible about this powers is that they can only be used behind a screen.  Friendly reminder this types of powers are limited. 

So to you, The ones that are quick to throw words and start a war on social media but in person cant even speak up to a  class of preschoolers, This one is for you. You wake up in the morning the first thing you do is get on snap chat, face book make sure that you are getting enough attention to survive, getting enough likes to get by and as soon as it declines you insult someone else’s  life to make yourself feel some kind of worth.  You wait to feel some kind of importance and when you don’t get it you jump on someones team, #SQUAD this one is for you.  The ones who go to work all day and do not socialize with anyone, Go into the public every single day and cant  hold a proper conversation with a regular Joe.  As soon as the screen goes up you become bold and powerful, you start to believe that you are someone that you are not.  JUST STOP!!

You see those powers that you are so fascinated about will die as soon as you battery dies, you can only be relevant for so long and the team that you are leading or apart of will crumble as soon as another social media emerges. From friends on Myspace, likes on Facebook, double taps on Instagram and views on Snap-chat something will always come. Stop pretending to be something and someone you are not online.  Who are you impressing? How  much are you gaining from putting others down?. The same people you put down all because of supporting #team-whatever may become the person you will have to be interviewed by in “PERSON” (you know without the powers). The same person you screen shot and spread it allover or even dedicate time to talk about among your “team” may be your in-law one day.  Imagine the time you waste everyday sitting on your computers and phones living a life that you created out of your imagination, imagine if you actually get up, go out and tried to live that life in reality.  Imagine making real friends not because of someone you both don’t like but because you have things in common and then  grow together.  Humble yourself, a little fun is okay but lets be serious the warriors with their screens are people who are scared to live and be alive.




Yoruba Beauty 


It seems that we are living just to be alive but not enough to feel alive.

                         A lot of us are locked up behind the bars of our thoughts, locked up behind  the Obsession with other peoples perception of who we are and who we are not.  We have allowed others to put us behind bars like jail birds when we are born to fly and be free. 

Arrest me because I am guilty,  Guilty of some many things and there is no way that i am the only one guilty of this offenses,  I cant be the only one.  I am Guilty for caring and carrying around people that would not shed a tear if i was to disappear from “their” world. I am guilty for allowing people to take my canvas and paint their own “ideas” and scribble all over the masterpiece i have already set and perfected. I am guilty of letting unworthy people come and suck me dry of peace and happiness.  We are all guilty of allowing the wrong people in but  pleading guilty can only shorten the time spent behind bars, the crime is already committed no need to waste energy recollecting the events that got you where you are. I am guilty of being a FOOL and believing lies and fables i was told. They come and tell you that you are their world and their everything truth is to them you are a store bought globe worthless and not valuable enough to be taken care of or cared for.  We cant help many things we fall for or even the people who trust but we can accept the position of the people in our lives and move one. Move on from the experiences that caused us our freedom our time and just fly, be free and happy.  Its easy to be guilty of crimes that we were victims of, Serve your time and learn from it. A golden cage is still just a cage.


Dear specific individual,  

Just because i am quiet does not mean i am dumb and deaf, I hear everything and understand perfectly. The truth  is you are not important enough to waste my energy on, well not any more. I am no longer incarcerated with your bull shit, Now if you think this is out of hurt, You are wrong.  This is just a story, a story about a free jail bird. Oh and Congratulations on your new journey.  




Give. Love. Laugh.

Give until you feel that you have contributed as much as you have accumulated. 

Love until you no longer question your heart.

Laugh, Laugh until tears are running down your face and your sides are aching. 


Truth is we live in a selfish world,  A world full of self centered people  a “Dog eat dog” world, and its only getting worse.  Its getting worse because the next generations are picking of our bad habits and selfish ways without us even being aware.  We live our lives for ourselves and no one else.  We elevate through levels everyday, We leave levels 1 and 2 and forget how hard it was to pass those levels, then we move on to levels 3 and 4  and wish the players on levels 5 and 6 can help us but we don’t look back to help the ones behind us.   It cost nothing to give unto others what you have, Remember we give the things we want not what we do not  want.  We give Peace, We give clothes, shelter, Money  and to our family and friends we give them love and honesty. If you do not want it, Do not give it. When you give it always comes back more,  give to feed your soul and your spiritual connection with the world. The saying givers never lack is very accurate you may not get back what you wanted but you will positively get back what you need at the right time.

Ode to all us givers that enjoy giving, all of us givers that delight in seeing others around us smile and thrive, all of us that giving  makes us feel complete. This is for you, I know we have given somethings to some people or some places that didn’t deserve it, Its okay let it go. Remember once you have given it is no longer yours so you cant regret what and who you given anything on any of your time.  Some of us have wasted time on the wrong person all in the sake of love, whether it is 2 years, 3 months or even 7 hours it is okay once you given it always come back. Some of us have wasted time working for companies that never want to see you grow and move further, Its OKAY.  Give not because you are forced to or you have to, Give because you want to.  Everything will always find a balance.  Continue to Give unconditionally, Love endlessly and Laugh as much is you can. ALWAYS REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE WORLD GOOD OR BAD IS COMING BACK TO YOU.



Yoruba Beauty 



stay focused, stay humble, always HUSTLE.


  1. force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.  
  2. busy movement and activity.
  3. a fraud or swindle.

Hustling is going out hungry and being ready to do whatever it takes to be full, Hustling is knowing that there is something better out there so you will continuously work until you get it, Hustling is knowing that there are a million and one people out there with the same goal as you doing the exact same thing you do but you have something that they  do not have, you have something  to push you a little further. Hustling for most people is just being able to provide 3 meals a day to their family and to others is  being able to say i have 3 Lamborghini and don’t forget the private jet. We have the regular everyday hustle and then we have the One life One dream hustle.

Nigerians are automatically born and raised with the mindset of a hustler.  If they do not learn at home the streets will teach them.  People are working 24 /7 Rain or shine in the pursuit of something bigger than them. ” No food for the lazy”.   On a Thursday evening in Lagos a little girl no more than 12 or maybe even 13 years old was on her way home after a long day of selling fish in the sun and she was side swiped by a local motor tricycle, Which caused her to trip and knocked over the tray of fish she was carrying on her head.  As i helped her picked up her fish i was wondering what if the situation was more deadly how would she her family be able to know she was safe. 7 year old boys and girls are selling cold water, soda, candy, slippers, bread, tea, cookies (you name it they got it) in the middle of the road as cars and motorcycles are  speeding pass them. For most people hustling is a life style not a choice and people do it daily and they do it with a smile.

Then we have the famous hustlers who are not interested in labor work but need the fast money,  large money.  Some go to school and get all the necessary certification required for them to get a good job and make a living but then get denied by the same government because they do not know the right people or because their families are not well known.  So what do they do? They take back from the rich and keep it for themselves. call them the modern day Robin Hood. We see them dressed in designers, flashy cars, popping bottles, fancy getaways but the never the same girls. From yahoo to Hotmail, Hotmail to Gmail, Myspace to Facebook, Facebook to Snap-chat, Their hustle is always wanting more and hoping to never get caught.  At the end of the day a hustle is a hustle, whether you work 2 jobs, 16 hours a day or you make calls and find connects.  Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Hawkers, Bus drivers, Yahoo boys and Runs girls make your money,  Embrace you hustle, Everyone has to eat.

Hustle to live, Live to hustle

Yoruba Beauty 




Faith in Lagos.


Wake up, Pray, Eat, Work, Pray, Go home, Pray, Eat, Pray and Sleep.

In a city where everyone is constantly on the move,  No time to sleep and barely time to eat, The one thing that is impressed me the most and stand out to me during my stay in Lagos was faith.  The dictionary defines Faith as a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof,  The people of Lagos define as Faith as the reason why they still have life.

Arriving to Lagos and watching people stop their daily activities to pray in a small section in the airport was the very first impression i got from the city.  The sight gave me a tingling feeling and i smile and kept walking.  It made me think ” They stop working to pray, in such a busy and noisy place that is some strong faith.”  The next day after going around and seeing everyone work so hard under the sun (and that sun is no joke)  Hustling and doing all they can to take something home at the end of the day,  i noticed a group of people on the side of the road praying.  I was so shocked to see people put mats over a grassy area on the side of a busy road  put the name of their group on the brick wall with chalk or some kind of paint and proceed to pray.  Without a proper building and area they proceed with their faith in their God.

Meanwhile i have heard people all my life complain about an old church, or a small church and refuse to be a member of a institution that does not have more than a specific amount of members. Many families in Lagos are living with a budget of less than 100 US Dollars a month and yet with a faith of a million dollar income.  The faith in Lagos was an awakening for me,  Am i thankful enough, Is my faith strong enough to pray in the rain every other day during rainy season in a area with no roofs and no chairs.  My faith was always based on my situation at the current time but Lagos thought me to keep my faith strong and keep it the same in any situation I find myself. Lagos Is the busiest place i have ever been but the Faith in Lagos was even bigger.  Faith should not be based on what we have or what we do not have,  Or where we practice and how big or small but on the belief we have in our God.  Is Your Faith big enough to carry you through your tough times?.


Faith is taking the first step even when we do not see the  whole staircase.                              – Dr. Martin Luther King



Yoruba Beauty 

17 Years Later.

As a child everything will seem absolutely perfect and easy, we wake up and food is there, love is automatically given and shelter is provided. Most children will never have to worry about anything just what to play with today and where and whom to play with. Like any other kid in the world i woke up and had a meal everyday and slept in a good home and played with all my friends.  Right before i turned eight i was brought to the United State of America,” The Land of the Free, The land of vast opportunities”.   I was seven years old i had no idea what was going on, i was in a new land, new faces, new rules. My first week in school i was made fun of because i did not sound the same, The teachers brushed me off and before the end of my first month of school i was sent to an alternative school.  I was seven years old and already in my own little prison.

As i grew older i struggled even more, Finding a group to belong in and be apart of i was too African for the Americans and not African enough for the Africans. Everything and Everyone seems so much more complicated, I was more lost than i was when i was a child and i was first introduced to this place and this people. In the sake of feeling some kind of belonging and acceptance i helped start a student organization called African Student Association in High school just because i could not wait years to get to university before joining one.  I got to Prairie View A&M University (Praise Heavens For the Purple and Gold.) and the first thing i wanted to know was where the African Student Association were and how they were influencing people and spreading the culture. Since they were not doing enough and all i did was complain an Alpha man pull me aside and said ” If you want to see things happen, do it. Plan it out, Present it to me and we can make it happen”. 3 Seminars, 2 International Music events later, I graduated feeling somewhat accomplished but still alone and unsure of who i was and why i still felt so empty.

Now 24 Years old, Seventeen years later, Back to the Motherland.

Even though i was Born in Another land the motherland mold me and has been calling me. I felt like i didn’t belong all this time because my place wasn’t in another land, My place and purpose was always in the motherland waiting for me to come and belong and be apart.  I was so worried about fitting in and blending in,  the Motherland destined me to stand out and Shine out. I didn’t see the positive in my difference until now. My journey back home I found so many things i have been searching for. I found Peace, Purpose, Projects and most of all I found Love in so many shapes and form.

There is a Bigger picture to why your journey has been navigated the way it has been, There is always a reason, a bigger reason behind it all. Keep striving, Keep Digging, Keep Trying. The end is always a new beginning as long as your are willing to keep going .  This is Only The Beginning.


Yoruba Beauty 

All I need is a mic.

Imagine you are standing in front of a million people. A microphone in hand and 100 trillion thoughts running through your head.  What do u do?  What do you say? Does it matter?.  YOU have the Mic and it doesn’t matter what you have to say, they are going to listen. 

There’s a reason for every encounter, every step and each journey is only to get you to a specific destination.

I am here clutching my Mic, taking a deep breath and so it begins. (Remember you got the Mic) Greetings and salutation my name is Olatokunbo Jabita Bamgbola but everyone calls me TEEJAY,  or TJ, or Jelly or Yoruba Beauty whatever it is you call me welcome to my journey. 

Its All About You.

Do not do it because everyone else is doing it. Do not do it because everyone is telling you to do it.  Do it because YOU want to and when it all falls down YOU are okay with picking up all the pieces by Yourself.

I have always been one of those people that are highly influenced by peoples opinions and comments, I have literally  changed my whole day around because it did not correlate with the plans that my friends had ironed out for their day.  I look back at my life and the decisions that i have made based on pointless and unimportant people and it hurts me,  It hurts to see that i have wasted almost all my life following and holding on to relationships and friendships that brought no gain in my growth.  They (who ever they are) always say if its not benefiting you one way or another let it go.   What is the use of a dead branch on a growing tree, its just there, cut it off and allow new branches to grow.

The truth is there is no one that will put you before themselves ever.  OH PLEASE HEAR THIS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HAVE DONE FOR THEM OR HOW MUCH YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER, NO ONE WILL EVER PUT YOU BEFORE THEMSELVES I have watched people manipulate the love and the trust of friendship and use it to their own gain.  I am not saying all friendships and relationships are based of selfish motives, I am not saying that there is no such thing is true friendship, All I am saying is Put you before anyone else.  Do everything you have always wanted to do regardless of whose on board with your plans, eventually everyone will catch up.  Do what makes you happy, Its okay if its not the same thing that makes everyone else around you happy. Embrace your mistakes, Believe in your imagination, Go on the journey of your dreams. You can not truly enjoy anything with anyone anywhere if you are worried about what someone somewhere thinks of what you are doing.

Today Message was Inspired by one of the world’s greatest Doctor,  

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr Seuss 


-Yoruba Beauty 


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