The things i know.

I know that i am alive. I know that i am breathing. I know that  love exist, It may be rare but it exists. I know that Envy exists, even in our family and friends. I know that negativity is out there but i do not have to acknowledge it. I know that people lie,... Continue Reading →

Eye Openers

Pay Attention to those secret characters of the people around you, The ones that they do not show often but is somewhere hidden in them.  Chances are, they already told you about themselves, Do yourself a favor and Listen. People can not always tell you everything about themselves so those characters they may slip up... Continue Reading →

Because of your smile. :)

I may not be the best match for your style but sometimes it takes something that doesn't fit or blend in to make your style stand out. I may not be the ideal woman for you but what i can do to enhance you is way pass words, you'll have to ride this wave with... Continue Reading →

Friends like stars.

So we do not talk every day, but everyone has those friends that always know when to pop up at the perfect time.  Pop up with the best news and the random "hey stupid, you alive, okay good, I love you."  Friends like stars we do not always see them but they are always there,... Continue Reading →

Blast from the past.

Sometimes it takes something or someone from our past to remind us of some important lessons. Lessons that we have learned and was needed for growth. Lessons to get to the next level from a student chasing after love to an adult running away from it. Lessons we did not even ask for. Good and... Continue Reading →

Your time.

What do you do to relax or dis stress. Eat one of my many favorite comfort food. Indomie and eggs, Amala and okra, Pounded yam and Vegetable soup,  Jasmine Rice and Turkey Stew Wine (As Long as its sweet and red) Watch a good sitcom or movie.... ( cartoons issa plus) Just be one with... Continue Reading →

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