Queen or Goddess.

African Queen I am Her Brown sugar, honey, and chocolate is my formula. Strong, powerful, capable and intelligent. I am a Queen growing daily. From the beauty mark on my lip to the stretch mark on my hip. Worth more than rubies that’s who I am. My worth,  Priceless. I shine brighter than a diamonds.... Continue Reading →

To My better Half <3

To think some people actually live their entire lives without finding love, Without knowing what it's like to wake up happy with the same person after so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and still wanting more. Imagine living with 60% and not being able to find the perfect 40% to complete you.... Continue Reading →

For the sake of Love <\3

  This one is dedicated to the ones that we were naive enough to have trust with our hearts,  Those that we planned our entire lives with and now we find ourselves re-drawing our blue prints. I remember nights that i would not be able to sleep until i hear your voice, I would not... Continue Reading →


  Just when you are at the point of questioning how important life is, and what will happen if you were not in existence.  What will change, who will cry, whose life will change and would it even matter?   No matter how strong we are, No matter how strong our beliefs are and how well... Continue Reading →


"Be careful what you speak into existence" December 27 2016 I posted on my Facebook and I said " 2017 year of the savage, only the strong will survive. #Savage."  That quote was more than accurate.  I started the year with the energy that i can handle anything thrown at me as i expected the... Continue Reading →

A chat with myself.

It's okay to let go of things that are not making you happy, thoughts that are keeping you for glowing and people that are keeping you from growing, It's okay but HARD to do. You are going through a rough patch, but no patch goes on forever. You will get through this like you have... Continue Reading →

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