Through change a Caterpillar turns into a butterfly, Coals are made into Diamonds, and a girl is made into a woman. The Problem is not the change, change is always needed. The problem is what takes place between the changes.  If a caterpillar does not eat or receive any of the necessary requirements to be a butterfly, even tho its destined to be one then the caterpillar will die off. If the right amount of pressure is not applied to a coal then it stays a coal.

Change is necessary for everyone. it could be something as small as cutting your hair to cutting off your friends.  What ever community you were raised in gave you a pattern to think. I am a Nigerian girl in american, There is no such thing as bad grades, a social life outside of the community or your assign activity groups in school (That is if you allow to have that). Tattoos and piercing are signs of being rebellious.  The only religion that exist is the one your parents have practiced and introduced to you.  Relationship of any kind before a degree is a sign of you not being serious or taking your future seriously.  They expect you to change but in the steps that they have written down for you to follow.

 That is NOT how change works, Change comes to everyone differently and its crazy but if the changes do not come the way we were thought it would come, we feel as if we are failures.  A change is a change no matter if you had a child before a degree or you get married 10 years after your degree. Take your time and change. No one has lived life the exact same way as any one else. The changes  in our lives will happen whether we want them or not.   Embrace your change. Accept your change. Love your change.

-Yoruba Beauty 

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