Never Beg to be Loved.

We have all had moments of weakness in our lives, Moments of weakness concerning other people and the way they treat us, the way they love us and even the way they care for us.  It isn’t always that they are not doing enough, it could be that their definition of giving us love doesn’t match up, So then what do we do? Do we stay and hope that one day they will change, and the love and care will be enough for us.  Do we lower our expectations? Why Cant we ask for more love? ITS NOT BEGGING I JUST WANT MORE.

Never Beg to be Loved, *sad* but very true.

No matter who you are, you have something someone out there is searching for, they are looking high and low for you, ready to give you everything you have always wanted and even more. The world is like a giant puzzle and we the people are the pieces.  We all connect with our friends and family in a special way to make a perfect picture.  The more connection the better and bigger and more detailed the picture becomes. A puzzle could have a thousand pieces but with one piece of the puzzle place in the wrong place or missing out of the picture then it wont be as beautiful and it will be INCOMPLETE.

You and I are apart of a bigger picture, Begging to be love is like begging to be forced into the wrong puzzle. Don’t beg to belong where is not meant for you, It could be your family, your friends and even your significant other just be patient. You belong somewhere with  people who are waiting for you,waiting for you to complete them. You are needed to complete a beautiful piece.

You are a one of a kind piece.

Yoruba Beauty. IMG_20161006_180134

3 thoughts on “Never Beg to be Loved.

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  1. Never beg to be loved and never beg anyone to stay

    If you beg they will wanna use it as a soft spot to get to you.


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