It 6:00 am in the morning and your alarm is going off, you are going to do one thing or the other, snooze the alarm  for another  5 minute  and continue your sleep or dismiss the alarm and wake up.  The people who decide to snooze for that extra five min take a chance of falling back asleep and not hearing the other alarm to wake them up.  We wake up in the morning taking chances, from waking up, to deciding how the day is going to go for us.  Just as we make that decision every single day, that’s how we take the chances on what takes place in our lives and how we react to everything that the world throws at us.

 To plant  flowers or any type of plants we automatically just plant a seed and believe that the plants will grow, as long as we do our part,  making sure we water the seeds.  Without the consideration of the soil and the weather, we plant.  Without thinking of the location or the weeds that may grow in that area, we plant.  We plant and give it a 100% attention,  we watch it closely everyday and when we see any weed starting to grow we immediately root it out before it spreads and kills the growth of our plants.

That is exactly how life is, We can only take chances and hope that the best outcome will come from any decisions we have taken.  As long as we watch it closely and immediately remove any  threat or harm that comes close to those chances. We have to be patience enough to watch our chances blossom into something greater than us,  something greater than our expectations.  Nothing spectacular was made without a great chance,   nothing amazing was discovered without someone taking a chance. Patience grows our chances into perfection.  The relationship you took a chance on will work out.  The job you moved 7 states away for will work in your favor. Take a chance on something, water it with attention and love, put your all in and be patience, then sit back and watch your world change because of one chance.

-Yoruba Beauty 

Dedicated to My Bold and Courageous One.

 Its hard now but i promise you everything will work out.


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