Custom Made Editions.

The difference between a custom edition and a limited edition is one major thing, a limited is made in limited  batch for a limited time, a custom  is individually made for a specific person.  A Limited edition is the exact same thing as a couple of other people in the  same area, state or even country.  A custom edition may be similar but never the exact same as anyone else, a custom cannot be completely duplicated.  We as humans are all custom made, individually and uniquely perfected.  YOU CAN NOT LIVE THE SAME LIFE AS ANYONE ELSE. YOU CAN NOT HAVE THE SAME STORY AS ANYONE ELSE. YOU CAN TRY BUT YOU CAN NEVER BE ANYONE ELSE BUT WHO YOU ARE CUSTOM TO BE.  YOU ARE A CUSTOM MADE EDITION.

We live in a generation where being a clone is the in thing. We all dress alike, talk alike, want to fit in and be apart of as much as we can. We want to be a boss (without working hard)  and know everything about anything, As long as we are apart. We insert our selves in other peoples lives and relationship,  just so we can be able to say “yes i know, i was there”.  We go around with masks and recorders pretending to be who we are not just so we can record information from as much people we can.  We put in so much work and effort to try to fit in with the world, try to be like everyone else and try to be apart of everyone else life.  We are so afraid of standing out  that we work twice as hard to fit in and sadly still fail.

If we put in as much effort as we do in pretending and lying about who we are and what we know, We would be worth so much more than what we are now.   The energy that we put in trying to be like everyone else, trying to be apart of places and things we don’t belong in,  that energy is taking from YOU.  No matter what edition anything is it can always be better and more polished.  Any edition could be enhanced and perfected.  We are busy monitoring others and the advancements, additions and even the deletions in their lives we put ours aside.  We secretly watch them and start to alternate our lives around them whether by hating them or by loving them.  Stop taking away from you, start working on you.  Custom made editions are PRICELESS, limited editions can be auctioned, negotiated and traded.  Stop living in someone else shadow,  Step to the front and steal the show.  No one ever praise how great the puppet is, all the praise always goes to the puppet master.   PUT ALL YOUR ENERGY IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

There is a thin line between admiration and obsession.

-Yoruba Beauty 

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