It is Possible.

It is possible to be at ease.

It is possible to have enough.

It is possible to feel at peace.

It is possible to be enough.

It is possible to accomplish every goal you set.

It is possible to re-brand yourself.

It is absolutely positively possible to be happy.

It is always a guaranteed possibility to find yourself.

Everything is possible, With the right state of mind.  The correct attitude can motivate us enough to turn all things impossible and make them possible.  It is Possible for a 40 year old woman to get a GED,  go back to school and get a degree and  by the age 50 be enroll in a Doctoral  program.  The world is full of  people who are making the impossible happen everyday, They are being bold and trying new things and most of all they are not afraid of failure.  In other to make something extraordinary happen, we have to  be able to do something extraordinary.  In other to make something possible, we have to be able to do the impossible.   It is possible to be as great as our imaginations can imagine, As long as we are bold enough to try.  It is always possible, as long as we put aside our fear and welcome just a little more boldness. Anything and everything is possible.

-Yoruba Beauty 

2 thoughts on “It is Possible.

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  1. Yes things are possible but wat of if people around u say u can’t and things around u are not going the way it should


    1. That’s the best thing about making things possible is proving everyone and everything around you wrong about the possibility.
      You have to be willing to BLOCK OUT the whole world, even your family and your community.
      I promise it is very hard but when you make it, it is worth it. When you make it without the help of the people around you and your circumstance its even sweeter.


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