17 Years Later.

As a child everything will seem absolutely perfect and easy, we wake up and food is there, love is automatically given and shelter is provided. Most children will never have to worry about anything just what to play with today and where and whom to play with. Like any other kid in the world i woke up and had a meal everyday and slept in a good home and played with all my friends.  Right before i turned eight i was brought to the United State of America,” The Land of the Free, The land of vast opportunities”.   I was seven years old i had no idea what was going on, i was in a new land, new faces, new rules. My first week in school i was made fun of because i did not sound the same, The teachers brushed me off and before the end of my first month of school i was sent to an alternative school.  I was seven years old and already in my own little prison.

As i grew older i struggled even more, Finding a group to belong in and be apart of i was too African for the Americans and not African enough for the Africans. Everything and Everyone seems so much more complicated, I was more lost than i was when i was a child and i was first introduced to this place and this people. In the sake of feeling some kind of belonging and acceptance i helped start a student organization called African Student Association in High school just because i could not wait years to get to university before joining one.  I got to Prairie View A&M University (Praise Heavens For the Purple and Gold.) and the first thing i wanted to know was where the African Student Association were and how they were influencing people and spreading the culture. Since they were not doing enough and all i did was complain an Alpha man pull me aside and said ” If you want to see things happen, do it. Plan it out, Present it to me and we can make it happen”. 3 Seminars, 2 International Music events later, I graduated feeling somewhat accomplished but still alone and unsure of who i was and why i still felt so empty.

Now 24 Years old, Seventeen years later, Back to the Motherland.

Even though i was Born in Another land the motherland mold me and has been calling me. I felt like i didn’t belong all this time because my place wasn’t in another land, My place and purpose was always in the motherland waiting for me to come and belong and be apart.  I was so worried about fitting in and blending in,  the Motherland destined me to stand out and Shine out. I didn’t see the positive in my difference until now. My journey back home I found so many things i have been searching for. I found Peace, Purpose, Projects and most of all I found Love in so many shapes and form.

There is a Bigger picture to why your journey has been navigated the way it has been, There is always a reason, a bigger reason behind it all. Keep striving, Keep Digging, Keep Trying. The end is always a new beginning as long as your are willing to keep going .  This is Only The Beginning.


Yoruba Beauty 

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