Faith in Lagos.


Wake up, Pray, Eat, Work, Pray, Go home, Pray, Eat, Pray and Sleep.

In a city where everyone is constantly on the move,  No time to sleep and barely time to eat, The one thing that is impressed me the most and stand out to me during my stay in Lagos was faith.  The dictionary defines Faith as a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof,  The people of Lagos define as Faith as the reason why they still have life.

Arriving to Lagos and watching people stop their daily activities to pray in a small section in the airport was the very first impression i got from the city.  The sight gave me a tingling feeling and i smile and kept walking.  It made me think ” They stop working to pray, in such a busy and noisy place that is some strong faith.”  The next day after going around and seeing everyone work so hard under the sun (and that sun is no joke)  Hustling and doing all they can to take something home at the end of the day,  i noticed a group of people on the side of the road praying.  I was so shocked to see people put mats over a grassy area on the side of a busy road  put the name of their group on the brick wall with chalk or some kind of paint and proceed to pray.  Without a proper building and area they proceed with their faith in their God.

Meanwhile i have heard people all my life complain about an old church, or a small church and refuse to be a member of a institution that does not have more than a specific amount of members. Many families in Lagos are living with a budget of less than 100 US Dollars a month and yet with a faith of a million dollar income.  The faith in Lagos was an awakening for me,  Am i thankful enough, Is my faith strong enough to pray in the rain every other day during rainy season in a area with no roofs and no chairs.  My faith was always based on my situation at the current time but Lagos thought me to keep my faith strong and keep it the same in any situation I find myself. Lagos Is the busiest place i have ever been but the Faith in Lagos was even bigger.  Faith should not be based on what we have or what we do not have,  Or where we practice and how big or small but on the belief we have in our God.  Is Your Faith big enough to carry you through your tough times?.


Faith is taking the first step even when we do not see the  whole staircase.                              – Dr. Martin Luther King



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