stay focused, stay humble, always HUSTLE.


  1. force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.  
  2. busy movement and activity.
  3. a fraud or swindle.

Hustling is going out hungry and being ready to do whatever it takes to be full, Hustling is knowing that there is something better out there so you will continuously work until you get it, Hustling is knowing that there are a million and one people out there with the same goal as you doing the exact same thing you do but you have something that they  do not have, you have something  to push you a little further. Hustling for most people is just being able to provide 3 meals a day to their family and to others is  being able to say i have 3 Lamborghini and don’t forget the private jet. We have the regular everyday hustle and then we have the One life One dream hustle.

Nigerians are automatically born and raised with the mindset of a hustler.  If they do not learn at home the streets will teach them.  People are working 24 /7 Rain or shine in the pursuit of something bigger than them. ” No food for the lazy”.   On a Thursday evening in Lagos a little girl no more than 12 or maybe even 13 years old was on her way home after a long day of selling fish in the sun and she was side swiped by a local motor tricycle, Which caused her to trip and knocked over the tray of fish she was carrying on her head.  As i helped her picked up her fish i was wondering what if the situation was more deadly how would she her family be able to know she was safe. 7 year old boys and girls are selling cold water, soda, candy, slippers, bread, tea, cookies (you name it they got it) in the middle of the road as cars and motorcycles are  speeding pass them. For most people hustling is a life style not a choice and people do it daily and they do it with a smile.

Then we have the famous hustlers who are not interested in labor work but need the fast money,  large money.  Some go to school and get all the necessary certification required for them to get a good job and make a living but then get denied by the same government because they do not know the right people or because their families are not well known.  So what do they do? They take back from the rich and keep it for themselves. call them the modern day Robin Hood. We see them dressed in designers, flashy cars, popping bottles, fancy getaways but the never the same girls. From yahoo to Hotmail, Hotmail to Gmail, Myspace to Facebook, Facebook to Snap-chat, Their hustle is always wanting more and hoping to never get caught.  At the end of the day a hustle is a hustle, whether you work 2 jobs, 16 hours a day or you make calls and find connects.  Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Hawkers, Bus drivers, Yahoo boys and Runs girls make your money,  Embrace you hustle, Everyone has to eat.

Hustle to live, Live to hustle

Yoruba Beauty 




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  1. To hustle is not the problem but to hustle with empty tummy is a very big problem.
    @Tee Jay ur hustle will not be in vain!


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