Give. Love. Laugh.

Give until you feel that you have contributed as much as you have accumulated. 

Love until you no longer question your heart.

Laugh, Laugh until tears are running down your face and your sides are aching. 


Truth is we live in a selfish world,  A world full of self centered people  a “Dog eat dog” world, and its only getting worse.  Its getting worse because the next generations are picking of our bad habits and selfish ways without us even being aware.  We live our lives for ourselves and no one else.  We elevate through levels everyday, We leave levels 1 and 2 and forget how hard it was to pass those levels, then we move on to levels 3 and 4  and wish the players on levels 5 and 6 can help us but we don’t look back to help the ones behind us.   It cost nothing to give unto others what you have, Remember we give the things we want not what we do not  want.  We give Peace, We give clothes, shelter, Money  and to our family and friends we give them love and honesty. If you do not want it, Do not give it. When you give it always comes back more,  give to feed your soul and your spiritual connection with the world. The saying givers never lack is very accurate you may not get back what you wanted but you will positively get back what you need at the right time.

Ode to all us givers that enjoy giving, all of us givers that delight in seeing others around us smile and thrive, all of us that giving  makes us feel complete. This is for you, I know we have given somethings to some people or some places that didn’t deserve it, Its okay let it go. Remember once you have given it is no longer yours so you cant regret what and who you given anything on any of your time.  Some of us have wasted time on the wrong person all in the sake of love, whether it is 2 years, 3 months or even 7 hours it is okay once you given it always come back. Some of us have wasted time working for companies that never want to see you grow and move further, Its OKAY.  Give not because you are forced to or you have to, Give because you want to.  Everything will always find a balance.  Continue to Give unconditionally, Love endlessly and Laugh as much is you can. ALWAYS REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE WORLD GOOD OR BAD IS COMING BACK TO YOU.



Yoruba Beauty 



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