It seems that we are living just to be alive but not enough to feel alive.

                         A lot of us are locked up behind the bars of our thoughts, locked up behind  the Obsession with other peoples perception of who we are and who we are not.  We have allowed others to put us behind bars like jail birds when we are born to fly and be free. 

Arrest me because I am guilty,  Guilty of some many things and there is no way that i am the only one guilty of this offenses,  I cant be the only one.  I am Guilty for caring and carrying around people that would not shed a tear if i was to disappear from “their” world. I am guilty for allowing people to take my canvas and paint their own “ideas” and scribble all over the masterpiece i have already set and perfected. I am guilty of letting unworthy people come and suck me dry of peace and happiness.  We are all guilty of allowing the wrong people in but  pleading guilty can only shorten the time spent behind bars, the crime is already committed no need to waste energy recollecting the events that got you where you are. I am guilty of being a FOOL and believing lies and fables i was told. They come and tell you that you are their world and their everything truth is to them you are a store bought globe worthless and not valuable enough to be taken care of or cared for.  We cant help many things we fall for or even the people who trust but we can accept the position of the people in our lives and move one. Move on from the experiences that caused us our freedom our time and just fly, be free and happy.  Its easy to be guilty of crimes that we were victims of, Serve your time and learn from it. A golden cage is still just a cage.


Dear specific individual,  

Just because i am quiet does not mean i am dumb and deaf, I hear everything and understand perfectly. The truth  is you are not important enough to waste my energy on, well not any more. I am no longer incarcerated with your bull shit, Now if you think this is out of hurt, You are wrong.  This is just a story, a story about a free jail bird. Oh and Congratulations on your new journey.  




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