Warriors behind the screen.

Let us all give a round of applause to the generation we live in.

A round of applause to the generation of the Antisocial, Anti-happy, Anti-support and of course the most important Anti-Growth.  To the generation of followers and Teams, Followers that have never and probably will never meet the person they chose to  follow and the teams without a purpose or a goal.  The same generations that people can retrieve powers behind A screen, powers like  courage, personality,  and even some excitement in their regular life but you know what is terrible about this powers is that they can only be used behind a screen.  Friendly reminder this types of powers are limited. 

So to you, The ones that are quick to throw words and start a war on social media but in person cant even speak up to a  class of preschoolers, This one is for you. You wake up in the morning the first thing you do is get on snap chat, face book make sure that you are getting enough attention to survive, getting enough likes to get by and as soon as it declines you insult someone else’s  life to make yourself feel some kind of worth.  You wait to feel some kind of importance and when you don’t get it you jump on someones team, #SQUAD this one is for you.  The ones who go to work all day and do not socialize with anyone, Go into the public every single day and cant  hold a proper conversation with a regular Joe.  As soon as the screen goes up you become bold and powerful, you start to believe that you are someone that you are not.  JUST STOP!!

You see those powers that you are so fascinated about will die as soon as you battery dies, you can only be relevant for so long and the team that you are leading or apart of will crumble as soon as another social media emerges. From friends on Myspace, likes on Facebook, double taps on Instagram and views on Snap-chat something will always come. Stop pretending to be something and someone you are not online.  Who are you impressing? How  much are you gaining from putting others down?. The same people you put down all because of supporting #team-whatever may become the person you will have to be interviewed by in “PERSON” (you know without the powers). The same person you screen shot and spread it allover or even dedicate time to talk about among your “team” may be your in-law one day.  Imagine the time you waste everyday sitting on your computers and phones living a life that you created out of your imagination, imagine if you actually get up, go out and tried to live that life in reality.  Imagine making real friends not because of someone you both don’t like but because you have things in common and then  grow together.  Humble yourself, a little fun is okay but lets be serious the warriors with their screens are people who are scared to live and be alive.




Yoruba Beauty 

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