Role Play.

Everyone that comes in and out  of your life is for a reason. There’s absolutely no reason for you to carry hate in your heart because of something that someone has put you through, that was the assignment that was given to them, they were sent to teach you what ever lesson you learned from the situation.  The lessons that they have for you  Is the reason you why you encounter them, They have done their part, It is for you to learn and move past it. Every interaction, every meeting, every conversation there is a reason behind it.

Most of us spend half of our lives blaming someone else for our negative attitude or the reason why we have not accomplished a specific task. I spent the last month of my life reflecting on the relationships i have in my life and the reason why these certain people are around me.  I asked myself what do i do to help others, am i doing enough, and what i can do better.  Then i ask the same question about everyone in my life, what are they doing to make me  a better person, how have they contributed to my growth and most importantly what is the role they are playing in my life, why are they in my life.  I asked myself if i deserve the way i was treated by everyone and most importantly is each individual role important in my life.  I realize that most of the people in my life treat me the way they do because of the way i am towards them or the way i carried my self around them.  Example, I used to be employed with a company and  i was seen as the crazy, funny  and loud worker and it made it impossible for anyone to take me serious, That was my fault and my mistake.  In other to change the way people treat me i had to change the way i present myself to the world.  I love me and everything about me but there is always a need and room for change and improvement.  The reason why i had to realize that being a joker or the crazy one at work was not the best choice was to get me ready for my management position.

The same rule applies to the roles people are playing in our lives. I thought about each  and every individual that i considered important enough to have a role in life  and what they were doing and not doing in my life,  i decided whether i needed more of them or i needed less of them.  Its simple if someone is teaching you a lesson that you know you are not ready to learn or you feel you have learned and passed you cut them out of the movie, you take their role and give it to someone else and make a new character a new story.  You cant waste time and energy on one role, your life is a movie full of different scenes, characters, and plots, you are in control. Everyone might have a role and a lesson and a twist they bring to your life but you decide how important you make them and where you choose to place them.

You are the Main Character of your life, Do not be over shadowed by the extra roles that are in YOUR life. Do not let them change you character and your story. Embrace each role that comes your way, learn from them and move on or learn with them and move forth. A month was not enough for me, I am still evaluating, cutting and recasting.  Funny thing and the twist in life is the people who we want in our movie, our stories our books, are meant to be extras, meant to be characters for a couple of chapters and we move on. Its so sad but true.

Treat people the way you want to be treated is the motto. Treat people the way they treat you is the lesson.

Yoruba Beauty 

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