Dramatic Twist.

Don’t you hate movies that have does unpredictable twist and plots, Like a mother killing her daughters husband or a  best friend poisoning everyone’s mind about another friend all in the name of power.  Those Dramatic and unthinkable movies are  always the best movies to watch but a lot of movies forget to put “Based of a true story”.   You don’t know who is for you and who is against you, You may give someone all the praises you can but what do they say of you to others when they do not think you will find out or when you are not around.

There are always going to be people  who have something to say about you, about your journey and whatever directions that you choose to go. If it’s different from theirs they will judge it and if it’s the same they will judge It’s what humans do. Why spend your amazing life trying to please and make someone that is miserable happy.  If they cannot find anything to celebrate about you it’s not because you can’t be celebrated it’s because they don’t want to celebrate anything in you. It’s not you, It’s them.  You are all shades of amazing and deserve to be celebrated and cheered on, There’s no time for a dramatic stop in your journey because your bestfriend slashed your tires in the middle of the night. This stories that have backstabbing and all the dramatic twist and turn are funny and entertaining until it happens to you.

We all have some friendships and relationships that are more poisonous that snake venom and we know, The reason why we still entertain them and put up with those kind of energy is up to us but sooner or later expect a dramatic change in your journey and do not be surprised if it comes from one of those relationships.  Medusa was a monster and after beheaded, Perseus kept her head not as a medal but as a weapon for all his other battles (Turn people into stone when looked at). Her Poison to the world became a great weapon to someone.

I love and accept all and any twist or dramatic change but my most favorite ones of all are the ones that turn out for good.  Like your Ex Boyfriend still supporting every step and accomplishment you make.  The ones that are suppose to be labeled as poison and off limits are the ones secretly celebrating you and telling the world of how amazing you are.  When someone you use to dream of goes off and dream with someone else but comes back and still support your dreams, Its an absolutely amazing feeling. Someone i used to be madly infatuated with constantly reads my blog and then tells me where the typos are and tells me how amazing the article or idea is. Meanwhile i have friends that always have a question or two like why write? what’s the point ?.  Call me crazy (which i’ve been accused of severally)  but i rather be celebrated by an ex lover than questioned by a friend.

These twist and turns are everywhere both  good and bad,  You have to decide which one you put more energy into. Let go of all the bitter bumps in the road and make room for more sweetness.  There’s always more room for a dash of Sugar and a hint of Spice.

Dont stay where you are tolerated, Stay where you are celebrated. 


Yoruba Beauty 


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