“Be careful what you speak into existence”

December 27 2016 I posted on my Facebook and I said ” 2017 year of the savage, only the strong will survive. #Savage.”  That quote was more than accurate.  I started the year with the energy that i can handle anything thrown at me as i expected the worst and that is exactly what happened, Before the 4th month  i was already ready for a new year and a new start. I could not even imagine the year getting any more complicated.  Imagine everything you are afraid of coming to pass. All your fears consuming you at once. There were moments where i felt numb and stuck, Moments when I felt like a robot programmed to do one thing and one thing only. I felt like i had no directions of what i wanted to do with my self, my future, I felt like i was a disappointment to my family and didn’t know how to ask for help.   I watched “Friends” fight and destroyed each other like the gladiators in the colosseum but the difference is,  Most gladiators fight for honor and respect. People that could not be separated in the previous years became enemies of each other, Dragging each other down any moment they can after spending the years before building each other up.  I learned the true definition of selfishness in so many different forms.  People who lie to you, tell you what you want to hear rather than tell you the bitter truth.  I regret so many moves and decisions and most of all I learned that i am  impatient and selfish.

Like the weather, After every storm there’s always a  rainbow that follows behind. A bold and bright rainbow or a dull and soft rainbow, It somewhere among the clouds whether we see it or not.  I survived this year because i was able to overcome every challenge, learn from it and use what i learned in the next challenge. I found a new best friend that encouraged me and pushed me to believing in me more than anything or anyone, Motivated me to sharing my words with the world, ” It doesn’t matter whether anyone reads it or not, I will always be your number 1 fan”.  Sometimes how we write the story in our minds is not how God is going to direct it, and that’s okay.  I learn to listen more and speak less (there’s alot to what’s being said than what’s actually said). I took trips that changed me and the way i think.,  Made me realize how blessed i am and how far i have come and most importantly how far i still have to go.  Learning to be happy for the decisions that people i love make, No matter how much i want them to take another direction.  Happiness is not found in anyone or in anything  but within  ourselves.  Don’t feel bad about how anyone decides to live their life. Live your own life and accept and respect the decision on what people choose to do with theirs.  Do not expect too much because when you don’t receive enough It will hurt more than not receiving at all. When the universe is speaking, Listen.  There is absolutely no time better than Gods time.  2017 Might have been the year of the savage but  not only did i  survive but learned more coming out of that year than what i knew going in. So this year i speak Happiness and growth into my existence.

2018 year of Happiness and Growth.  

Yoruba Beauty



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