Just when you are at the point of questioning how important life is, and what will happen if you were not in existence.  What will change, who will cry, whose life will change and would it even matter?   No matter how strong we are, No matter how strong our beliefs are and how well we have been raised, We have those moments where we ask questions, Lots and lots of questions both good and bad we have all asked them at one point or another.

I was  the  reigning queen of the question and doubt kingdom.  I questioned everything and everyone, Anytime i feel a slip on reality or i hit a pothole in my journey through life the first thing i do is get in my own head and that is extremely hard to get out of. Letting go of that crown and moving to another kingdom was probably the hardest thing i have ever accomplished in my life.  My thoughts about myself were not positive and no matter how great i was at hiding that part of me, I still felt the pain and the damage the negativity was doing to my life every single day.  I kept terrible friendships and relationships with people  that do  not deserve to be apart of my journey because i did not think i could have done any better. I strongly believed that the way i was being treated by people is what i deserved and i allowed  that measured my worth.  The best thing I have done for my life so far was to stop questioning my existence. I AM HERE FOR  A REASON.  I AM IMPORTANT.

Whether we want to believe it or not the power of life is in a single thought, We have to keep the right people around us to keep our thoughts on the right path.  The types of people that constantly water your roots  with joy, peace, and love and even after you have produced flowers and fruits they continuously water your roots because they want you to grow into something bigger than your own imaginations.  With those type of people around you, you will never question your existence, before the questions start to form they would have replaced all your negativity with positivity. Remember that you are somebody’s child, someones sister or brother, someones niece or nephew, someones granddaughter or grandson, You are going to be Somebody’s wife or husband, Imagine this, you are going to be someone’s father or mother one day.  You are important to someone somewhere. There is a reason why you are here,  Your reason for existence is way bigger that what you find yourself doing now,  It is way more than  what you are going through now, Trust me YOU ARE NEEDED.  All your questions can be reversed for good, what ifs and maybes can be positive too. What if you make it?  What if you  are too good for those who are  breaking you apart? What if they are breaking you apart because they know how amazing you are and will grow to be? What if those friends are not your friends? What if you were suppose to show them an example of an amazing person and then leave?  What if you prove everyone who has ever doubt you wrong?  I had to stop the thoughts of self doubt, I had to stop thinking that my presence in the world was not needed. I had to stop letting everything and everyone bring me down. I learned the hard way to shut the left  people out and allow the right ones to surround me.  I will SERVE my purpose in this life before making my grand exit. I will not be moved by anything or anyone.

              “Never let a stumble in the road be the end of your Journey “

Yoruba Beauty 



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