To My better Half <3

To think some people actually live their entire lives without finding love, Without knowing what it’s like to wake up happy with the same person after so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and still wanting more. Imagine living with 60% and not being able to find the perfect 40% to complete you. Some people will search their entire lives looking for their better halves and may not find that person.  So this is to you, whoever you are wherever you may be.

I am not perfect, In fact I am the perfect example of the most amazing form of imperfection. I love to talk about nothing and watch cartoons. I buy more notebooks than i buy things i need. I am scared of scary movies and I can’t stand being alone. I am still learning how to properly control my emotions. I am not ready for everything that love brings, but i am preparing myself and taking all the notes i can, From mistakes I have made and watch others make. I promise to always give you a reason to come home. I promise to keep the house as clean as i can but if our kids are anything like me…..well, you’ll see. I promise to learn how to play games and keep you smiling. I will always make sure that you are treated as the King you are. I hope you are who i think you are because if so i know you are reading this with a smile. Most importantly I promise to never give you a reason to doubt me and crave nothing else but Teas Kitchen. Oh and enjoy your life now because my book of life does not know the meaning of Divorce. -Your significant other, YB

Math says two halves make a whole but love says one whole plus one whole makes a completely perfect soul. My better half you drive me nuts and most times you make me feel on cloud 10… if that ever existed. You are the same person who upsets me, but in a few minutes I smile because of the little jabs you through at me, I  just do not know how to stay mad at you. You are my pressure & trigger points. You make the bad times seem great and the good times seem so blessed. You encapsulate the meaning of the better half. You make me better. Together we are like yin and yang, night and day,  but in everything, I know that you’re meant to stay. Yes we argue and we may be different but as long as the fights are with you, then I’m all good. – Your significant other, SI

You know its a bit weird writing you a letter not knowing who you are, where you are, or what your name even is, but I can picture your beautiful lips spreading and showing off the amazing teeth they are hiding, your eyes bright and glistening when you finally get to read this. A part of me feels I’ve met you before in a different world than this, In a world where its like I’ve known you all my life even if we have only known each other for a few months. I can see every minute we spend together feeling like our very first date because we never run out of things to share; kisses, hugs, love, little moments that turn into memories. I can imagine every single time we kiss feeling so magical because that’s how powerful we are together. I know people reading this will make comments like “oh she’s living in a fantasy world”, well I am because you are my fantasy, I mean not that I’m oblivious to the fact that the dark clouds won’t cease to roll in every now and then, but, truth is I know that God is keeping us apart now because he’s taking his time,  improving us so our union can be as strong as his love for us. You’re not just going to be my better half, You’ll be the BEST PART OF ME because I WILL BE YOURS TOO. – Your significant other, MP

There is someone out there for each and everyone, They may be far,  We may not know who they are but they are out there and searching for the exact same thing we are, Waiting and praying for us. We hope you find them sooner than expected.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone. 

Yoruba Beauty 


Ms. Phabulous 



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