Queen or Goddess.

African Queen I am Her

Brown sugar, honey, and chocolate is my formula.
Strong, powerful, capable and intelligent.
I am a Queen growing daily.
From the beauty mark on my lip to the stretch mark on my hip.
Worth more than rubies that’s who I am.
My worth,  Priceless.
I shine brighter than a diamonds.
Not afraid to take risks n fall flat on my face.
Lose to what? who? when?…NEVER!.
Queens don’t fail, We flow.
Lessons only make my throne stronger.
A Queen destined for greatness.
Making the world better by merely just existing
That’s ME.
I am an African queen and you can’t tell me nothing!
Let’s get one thing straight; I, AM A GODDESS.
With or without a crown I am wonderfully made.
Distinctively dignified.
I am the perfect mold of all.
Complicated, Simple, Unique, Confident and Tastefully gracious.
As a goddess, I own every room I majestically walk into.
I do not share the glory embedded in me with anyone else.
I am a cocoon of mysteries and wondrous abilities.
I’m crowned with the talent to create and bring life out of anything and everything.
Queens are common but goddesses are like unicorns, rare and magical.
Because of the way my chocolate skin glisten at the kiss of the sun, I, AM A GODDESS.
Because I create ways and touch souls, I, AM A GODDESS.
Because there are no other creatures like me, I, AM A GODDESS.

Just in case you start to forget who you are and what you can do. Just in case you are still asleep, Wake up!!.  You were created to inspire and magnify. You were born to love and give. You are not the name that was given to you,  You are not the community that raised you. You are not the mistakes that you’ve made. You are the person you want to be. You will be called by what you introduce yourself as. You are you because there is no one else in this world that can do the things you do and do it the way you do. You are Beautiful and Admired. Queen or a Goddess it’s all up to you what title you hold but whoever you are and whatever you call yourself never answer to anything less.  You deserve all things great. You are Greatness. Believe it, Live it.

Yoruba Beauty


Ms. Phabulous 


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