Wake Up Call.

Its time to wake up and this time there is no hitting the snooze button.

You have been sleeping, Sleeping on your happiness, your sanity, your health and your dreams. Its easier to close your eyes and lay down, even when you are not tired. You have become lazy, so lazy that you have forgotten your name and didn’t take the time to remember or even ask someone to remind you. Instead settled for being called by another name and became another person that is not even close to who you are or similar characteristics.  So Industrious that you lost your path and didn’t bother to turn your GPS on. You are sleeping uncomfortably in an abusive relationship, why ? because you refuse to start over or be laughed at. Years means nothing when you wake up every day more dead than alive, More psycho than sane. You have slept through opportunities and chances that can lead you to accomplish your dreams. You have ignored people that were sent your way to take you to the next level and help you grow. You stopped trying, You gave up, You settled and you claim that you are just laying there, just sleeping, or just taking a nap.

Hey Beautiful, I hate to disturb your beauty sleep,  Whats the point of getting your beauty rest when you are sleeping away your life. What is the point of sleeping when you do not want to dream. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP!!!. No one is not waiting on you, not even the ones that you are willing to die for.  The dreams that are meant for you will be accomplished by someone else, WAKE UP!!!  Life has no snooze buttons.  Why bother living your life halfway, when you can do so much more, you can be so much more. You are so Extraordinarily made in goodness why not share it with the world. It is hard to be motivated to wake up and go, trust me we all know, but no one ever promised you an easy way out.

Watch the ones you lay with, That doesn’t mean they share a bed with you.   The people you lay with are supposed to help you get up each morning, They are the ones YOU have appointed to get you through life, Through life obstacle course without falling asleep and taking naps.  I have been in slumber, deaf to my alarm for the past couple of months, Sprinkles in my tea to keep me down and out.  No energy to be social, grow, work or even eat. The little time I was awake I was crying out to my maker to help me stay awake through the day, all I wanted was to make it back to my sleep after every day.   I felt myself falling in my dreams and when I got a glimpse of who was pushing me it was him, The one I appointed to lay with me. When I try to wake up and run, he Chases me down with guilt and drowns me back to sleep with lies.  Scared I’ll never wake up again, I shared my nightmares with him and all did was  laughed and said: “have you shared this with anyone?”.  No help with the nightmares, I was living my nightmare.  That was my final alarm. Life alarm clock is the most important and finally, I hear the buzzer.  Took some time out to retrace my path, GPS on and fully loaded. My name is everything i answer to not everything that i am called. I am awake and refuse to be  back to be rock back to sleep, Read stories of sadness and guilt, I AM AWAKE and i feel so good.

Life is a gift, Wake up every day and Realize that.

Stay woke.




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