semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to ;

25 Years old and i have been with my partner for 3 years, Relationship recipe Lies and Betrayal; Choose you and our “Future” over family and friends and now, Nothing; Drop out of university, Dreams of being a nurse and saving lives, after all my hard work, Gone;
Worked and  took care of you year after year without complaining;  Taking all  the”Test” you gave to me. (You just want to make sure i am the one, Right?) all in sake of our “Future”; Cant begin to imagine where to start over,If i start over, I am Numb and Stuck; Then it comes to the point I ask “Can anyone hear me? God are you there? I feel so alone?.

28 Years old, Spent 7 years loving someone who didn’t even like me; Relationship recipe Games and Bullshit; All my friends and family are expecting the next step how do i begin to explain to  them that a 2 week fight turned to you taking someone else to the court and putting a ring on it and fixing your lips to say i do…2 weeks;  You made me put my life on hold for you, Everyone else that mattered were chased away and erased; You made me plan a future with you but the entire 3 years you were living out your plans with someone else; I left the entire Country for you, Left to start somewhere else, Alone, Broke and Scared, all in sake of being faithful and loving you; Then it comes to the point I ask “Can anyone hear me? God are you there? I feel so alone?.

30 year old and the last 13 years of my life has been a roller coaster;  Everything i worked for, Gone; One semester left to get my Masters and then,Drop out; The person i trusted enough to make a clone with took me by the hands and led me to the enemy;  But if you ask anyone i am nothing but a villain;  He turned himself to a victim and one by one turned my loved ones against me, the power of story telling;  My best friend, My partner in crime, My sister, My secret holder, Gone with a blink of an eye; The Power of Dreams and Visions; Waking up month after month, Court Hearings after Court Hearings; Turned down for 3 jobs in one day; Month 3 still no job and trying my best to keep it all together;  Wake up calls from nightmares and night terrors; Life went from Amen to Hell no in a span of one month; All i want to do is be the best mom i can be but i can barely keep it together; Then it comes to the point I ask “Can anyone hear me? God are you there? I feel so alone?.

Its so sad when the movie ends Unhappily, When the hero dies in the movie, When the book is finish but you want to know more. Even after many happy endings we want a sequel, “This cant be everything, We want more Give us more”. Imagine if Snow white or Cinderella could not bear the pain of their wicked Step mother and decided to take their lives, Then what.  That how your life is. Life is a movie. Drama like all the Fake friends we keep around us. Comedy like most of the relationships in our generation. Romantic like the relationship people have with Name brand.(Lets be honest, that is the only thing people crave and actually take care of these days.)  Your Book does not need to end, We want to read about your happy ending. Your movie may seem tragic to you, But the more twist, turns and suspense the more amazing the movie is.  The color purple could have end a lot sooner with an unhappy ending but the movie was filled with nothing but pain, and sadness from the beginning the only happy part was the end and it ended with the Celie Alive.  Some of us are build to take a lot more than others, We are made as an example to everyone else, Stop questioning your existence. Yes, times are hard but better days are always coming.  You have an amazing story and to truly enjoy your Happily ever after you need to fight some Dragons, Wicked step Mothers, Cheating partners, Useless Partners.

Call a friend that you know is going through tough time or was going through some issues, Call them, Text them and just tell them you are always available and you love them. Be true and If you know in your heart you are a terrible person, Stop pretending you are making matters worse for someone that actually trust you.  Life is worth Living, Life is Beautiful and if you are not seeing the view where you are change positions. Its okay to Change, Move, Let Go as long as it keeps you ALIVE. 



Yoruba Beauty 


National Suicide Prevention Life Line( Call 1-800-273-8255)



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