My place in the world.

New month new destinations, New month new journeys, New month better blessings, New month new discoveries.  Where is your place in the world? Where do you belong?Where do you fit in? Are you within the right tribe? Are you okay with where you are?.  Before you read on further, Please ask yourself the same questions and take some time to  reflect, Just you, your mind and a cup of tea.

Its never a smooth path but a little bump on the road never hurt anyone,  i am still alive and driving along. I finally understand that saying “Doing me and letting the world do them”. I am currently in existence at a place of understanding, I have control over my life and me, no one else and nothing else.  I understand that ” Yes i am needed in the world to play my part but i do not have to force my self to be apart of anyone else life. No matter how much love i have to give someone if they reject it, Its okay to take that love and store it for someone that needs it. I am in a place of peace, though the world around me seems like world war 7, I am at peace with myself. Whatever happens is meant to happen for any reason it does, The only control i have to anything is my respond to it.  I belong in a place of peace, there can never be enough peace without chaos and even that i am perfectly fine with.   I cant say i am where i truly want to  belong  but i am still driving to my destination. Flat Tires, Accidents, Messed up brakes and even Broken windshields as long as i am alive i will forever move forward on my path to the place i belong.  I no longer feel the urge to fit in anywhere in this world i am fine with where i am.  No need to fit in when i have always stand out. Realizing that as made life so much easier.  My tribe is a whole another blog for another day but yes i am where i am meant to be with the selected few i am with. From New York to London and Houston to the Motherland my tribe is always motivating me and loving me. I may not be the easiest but my tribe got me.  Always picking me up and dusting me off, Changing Flats and Pushing Cars, My tribe is small and mighty and even if just one or two my tribe is perfect for me. I am happy with where i am. A little migraine here and there, Sleepless nights may come but overall i am  at the perfect place in the world for me . A place where i have understand me and role.  When you know your role in the world you play it better.

There is no rule book in life and how to maneuver through the rough paths but as long as we don’t stop, eventually we will get there.  We need  to find out where we are, Where we want to be and how far we are from our desired destinations.  No destination is too far, We have our entire life to go through this journey.  The most important thing is to be happy with one self, be at peace with knowing that we can not be loved by everyone, We can not be wanted by everyone. The good we put in the universe may not come back to us at the time we want but eventually balance will come. Its easy to find fault in others, and point fingers but when we point one finger there is 4 pointing back at us. Finding our own faults, pulse and pace in the world is difficult but when we get to that place of self discovery nothing else matter.  Joy will come and no matter how rough the journey may seem there will always be peace.  Where are you? Are you at peace? Call a friend and talk it out, Enjoy a cup of tea.

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