What does the world need more of?

Can i get an order of some Real love.

I need love love and more love.  Give me all the love you can give me, with a side of love and an extra dash of love.  What does the world need more of ? LOVE ❤

We live in  a generation that cannot identify love even if presented to them on a platter of gold.  Everyone has form their own idea of love and would probably never understand the real definition no matter the explanation. People are demanding  a handful of love and cant even give you a pinch of it. Everyone thinks that because they have a presence in ones life, that love is automatically given to them.  We live in a world that your suppose love ones will pray for your failure in private and show you “love” in public.    The love that some people give to themselves is barely enough and we expect them to  truly love us. These types of people do not know how to even pray for themselves how can they pray for you.

Lets be serious these days we have a lot of people demanding for things that they cant give.  No one wants to love anyone without getting love back and because our definition of love is so different we get confused, If its not the same love then its no love at all.

The crazy thing is love does not cost a thing. Like at all, Not a dollar or two. Love does not kill or harm anyone. Love will never take away from you instead it adds onto you.  Imagine going to someones event because you actually want to support them not because you want them to come to your event.  Imagine calling a friend just to hear their voice and have a moment of love not to hear their issues and take it to your other friends.  Imagine actually praying for someone that you know is going through a tough time not just listening to them cry cause it makes you feel better about your loveless life.  Its crazy that we have to imagine this things, This is the way most people really think.

In reality you get what you give to the world. When i started to give people the type of love they gave me i notice distance, But that does not make me better than anyone if anything it makes me just as bad.  I had love to give but  i was giving it to the wrong people. The greatest realization is that love is never wasted, I give love no matter what i get back i am happy knowing i gave love and if i receive it back yes and if not then yes either way i am playing my part to actually spread real love… Lots of people will read this and laugh, They cant believe in giving love cause all they know is that poisonous fake love and that is  fine LOVE THEM ANYWAY.  The world needs love but if you disagree that is fine with me, Just tell me what you think the world needs more of.


Yoruba Beauty

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