Its 2019, Whats Your relationship Status

I am in a devoted, loving, adventurous and most of all caring relationship with myself. ME ME ME and More ME.

To be honest i am obsessed with the idea of being with someone and being apart of someone else  but i finally realize that its not for me, Well at least not right now. We crave what we cant have, and no matter how i crave that black love story, Its not my time. I am surrounded by couples and love on a daily basis and still I feel absolutely no temptation or rush to get in a relationship.  I use to dream day after day of being married to one person and growing a family but just like everything else, this generation as abused and used the idea of marriage. So if i am no longer dreaming of a marriage then why get in a relationship.  I mean the ultimate goal is marriage right?. For everyone in a relationship or marriage I am rooting for your love and here to help you enhance it. Ill help you write poetry for your lover, plan date night for each other,  Deliver flowers, balloons and all that good stuff. I AM HERE FOR IT, WHATEVER KEEPS LOVE ALIVE.  As for my self i am loving me and spoiling me, I am getting to know my likes and dislikes, I am paying attention to me.

We get in a relationship this generation for the wrong reasons.

” We look good together”

” He pays some of my bills”

” My family loves him or her “

” We been together too long, what will people say “

” The sex is great, I don’t want to risk loosing this for something worst”

For me I do not care if it takes me a little longer, Ill wait. I want to find a man.  A man that i will laugh with, grow with, learn with and most importantly pray with.  I want to find someone that no matter what the situation is, It will always be us no doubts just me and him.  As i write this i laugh because i cant imagine finding someone that true in this generation but i got just enough hope to hold on to my crazy fantasies.  Now this doesn’t mean i do not have potentials.  It just means for the first time ever i am putting me before everyone and everything. I am learning and loving me so i may teach the right person how to  properly love me and i may love someone else like they deserve to be loved. Sorry Mom, I promise your son in law will be amazing but let me pull out all this weeds out my garden and water my roots for a better type of garden.  2019 I’m loving me.

Yoruba Beauty 

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