If i had a minute with 21 year old me?

Hello beautiful,

Yes i say beautiful because that is what you are. Stop comparing yourself to everyone, Your beauty is something deeper than your surface.  Your beauty is perfectly imperfect and someone somewhere is dreaming of someone just like you.

School is the smallest part of your journey, Your grades will be just  fine and you will definitely make it to walk across that stage. Stop caring about what your peers have to  say your journey is not the same. Do not be afraid to stand out, that alone will take you far. Hold on tight to those special friends that are by your side day and night and maintaining your mental, Those balcony conversations stop happening after college and trust me you will miss them.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, God will never give us more than we can endure.  Everything that you are going through is for a reason hold on to every lesson , you will definitely use them.  You will  always come out on top of everything you focus on and even the ones that  you do not come out on top do not give  up until you receive the results you want, Keep going.

Not all the heart want is good for the body,  Some friendship you have been fighting to keep needs to go. Sometimes holding on to something is only hurting us more.  Some relationships you wanted to build were never meant to be. Embrace your rejections, They make life a whole lot easier.  Unless they treat you the way you treat them, Let them go, Unless they are building you the way you are building them, Let them go.  I know friendships mean the world to you but when your boats got holes and patches, Just let that ship sink, Not everything that is broken is meant to be fixed or mended.

Wipe you tears and suck it up, So your heart  is broken, someone better is coming along but if you cant shake off one bad heart break you are making ways for a thousand more.  You are going to be loved and adored. Someone better is coming to treat you like the queen that you are,  but when your eyes are covered with tears you wont be able to recognize this. When you find that person that completes you, HOLD ON TIGHT.  Do not ever listen to your friends opinion, Do not let anyone speak the opposite of what you feel in your heart, If you like someone take that risk. Most of our friends are envious of what we have, so be very careful. You do not want to watch the one you are obsessed with create life with someone else.

Have Fun. Travel, You are young.  No matter what you hear about yourself, You know who you are, do not let anyone tell you who you are.  Stand by your beliefs, Stand up for everything you believe in. Speak your mind… You think you are loud, You are not loud enough. Do not let anyone ever tell you that grass is pink and the sky is green. Use your head. Be smart, Be quick, Be vigilant.  Never ever let go of God, That is the light.  Family is what you make it, Remember that. You are 21, this is the beginning of your life.

Yoruba Beauty 

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