I dedicate this post to my lucky number.  Number 7.

 Seven has always been my favorite number from time, I honestly can not explain why or what makes this number so special. 7,17,27,37,47 i do not mind what number it is, as long as the number seven is involved. I do not know why  we have lucky numbers but i know that there is a type of security and assurance that we tie to that number and it can change our days from 1 to 100 in a second.  Not everyone  believes in luck and there is nothing wrong with that, you can call it your favorite number, Whatever it is you choose to call  it, It makes us happy.   It doesn’t have to deal with money or promotions  or getting married it could be something as simple as i get free coffee on the 7th.

Like everything else in life we have the power to take something regular and make it something extra spectacular,  Every 7th i treat my self to something nice and stay positive and stay in  expectant of great news all that day.  Lucky Number or Favorite number, Why do we love them and what do we do with that number? So many pople pick a reason and run with it but there is so much more we can do with this random number. Be Proactive with your lucky number, Give Back on the days that fall under this number, Do something with it.   Make you favorite number work for you.  Start a routine that will enhance your life, Watch how your number will add more to your existence…. 7 its not just a number for me… There is so much more to it. Today,  Another 7th, Another day of grace and great news.   You can say i got a thing for 7s.

Yoruba Beauty 

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