Blast from the past.

Sometimes it takes something or someone from our past to remind us of some important lessons. Lessons that we have learned and was needed for growth. Lessons to get to the next level from a student chasing after love to an adult running away from it. Lessons we did not even ask for. Good and bad memories, How much we have grown, and how much more we have traveled in our journey in life. Its such a beautiful and Complex feeling. I do not know whether to cry or just smile and enjoy this feeling. Its crazy someone you have not spoken to in 4 years can make you feel so accomplished. We do things everyday without the realization of how amazing or how strong we are, It takes someone reminding you of the smaller battles you use to fight to realize how much war you’ve conquered.

Sometimes a little visit from the past can do so much healing.

Thank you O.O

Yoruba Beauty

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