How to wake up in the morning.

The world will not stop for you to be great, neither will it stop for you to get up and try again. Wake up everyday with the goal to do something better today than you did yesterday. Wake up every day to fix a mistake that you made yesterday.  Wake up thankful that when you went to sleep and  you were able to wake up to another day.  Wake up remembering that you are a product of greatness and there is a reason for your existence.  Wake up everyday remembering that you have people in your life that loves you no matter  the situation of yesterday. Wake up everyday with the mindset that you are closer to achieving something great.    Wake up everyday with a new heart and forgiving all of those who hurt you yesterday.  The world will not stop because you fell and broke a bone yesterday, you got to get up everyday remembering its a new day to be better than yesterday.

Yoruba Beauty 

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