Because of your smile. :)

I may not be the best match for your style but sometimes it takes something that doesn’t fit or blend in to make your style stand out.

I may not be the ideal woman for you but what i can do to enhance you is way pass words, you’ll have to ride this wave with me to see.
I do not have to be your dream lady to be the lady of your dreams.
I may not worship the way you do but i am always praying for you.
I know i am a lot to deal with but it will seem like a lot when i give everything to you.
I am no where close but no matter the distance just know i carry you with me every where i go.
I get excited just thinking of you and the different possibilities that may be, I cant control myself whenever your name comes up.
I got a crush, and i do not know how to act. Butterflies and all just because of you.
The best part of it all is that, This is just the beginning. I can not even imagine whats to come and what may be.
We got time. Time to build and love. We got time to touch every corner of the world and leave a little piece of us.
Me and you, anywhere, anyway, any-day, anytime I am ready. Just hold my hands, look me in my eyes and tell me when you ready to go.
Ewww This is so mushy, but I cant help it. I like the way you smile
Yoruba Beauty
One day this letter will be sent to someone.

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