Young girl from the streets of Lagos.

Today Marks 18 years that my journey started, From the Mother land to Another land.  Sept 7th 2001 a couple of days before 9/11, 7 year old beauty was put on a plane by herself to go to another country and start a new life.  Different States, Different Cities, Different Religions, Different Families, So many friends, Too many Lessons.  Here, I am couple of months till 27 and I am finally embracing my story,  from the rough and free streets of Isale Eko (if you know, you know) to The bumpy streets of Houston Texas.  I am ALIVE, I made it this far.  Fighting my thoughts, depression, growth, and most of all fighting my purpose. I look back at all the places I have been, all the situations I have been through and I myself I am amazed by the journey. It is my time now. It is my time now to shine, share and inspire.  It is time for me to accept love and give love. It is time for me to contribute and give all I can as it has been given to me.  Young girl from Downtown Lagos to Southwest Houston.  Nothing but Grace and God.

Remember the comeback is always greater than the Setback.

Special thanks to all my friends and readers that refuse to let me give up on myself and my purpose.  This one is for all of you.  I love you and I am grateful.


Yoruba Beauty 

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