Forgive You.

We can never obtain peace in the outer world, until we make peace with ourselves.           – The great Dalai Lama

Forgiveness- The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. (Oxford)

Its very easy to preach on the art of forgiveness, especially when we are the “victims”. I rather be the one to forgive someone than to be the one asking for forgiveness.  We don’t want to admit it  but it is so much easier to be offended than to be the offender.  It better to be the one pointing fingers but not to be pointed at.  Forgiveness is actually a very easy process most of the time. We as humans are the ones that have complicated it, like we complicate everything else in life.  There is a specific type of forgiveness that we all forget and always put last and that is the most important one of all the act of self forgiveness.  Why do we not forgive ourselves  but preach on forgiving others,
Should we not come first.

As it is important to forgive others, It is equally important to forgive ourselves from acts that we have committed onto ourselves knowingly and unknowingly.  You deserve the peace of mind that you give others when you apologize to them and ask for forgiveness.  You deserve  to know that everything will be okay.  for all of us living in guilt, shame, sadness, disturbance, embarrassment, and depressed over things we have done, Its time to let go.  Forgive yourself.

You cheated on your fiance, wedding is now canceled, families are disappointed and you owe thousands of dollars for a wedding you are no longer having,  Forgive yourself.

You had multiple abortions for the wrong ones, Forgive yourself.

You fraud and or scam hundreds of hard working people out of their money, Forgive yourself.

Your family is falling apart because of your hidden life and uncontrollable lies, Forgive yourself.

You put up with abuse and disrespect because you thought it was love, Forgive yourself.

You are envious towards your friends and refuse to help them grow or promote them, Its okay, Forgive yourself.

You have placed yourself in places and positions that are beneath you and your worth because you are afraid to place yourself first, Forgive yourself.

As i write today’s blog, I write seeking for that peace,  that peace that says “yes i fucked up, yes i have wasted my time but its okay i forgive myself”. Whatever it may be for you remember  It has happen and past, We cant go back and change anything we can only move forward and do better.   You deserve peace, love and all the joy in the world, Forgive yourself.


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