17 Years Later.

As a child everything will seem absolutely perfect and easy, we wake up and food is there, love is automatically given and shelter is provided. Most children will never have to worry about anything just what to play with today and where and whom to play with. Like any other kid in the world i... Continue Reading →

All I need is a mic.

Imagine you are standing in front of a million people. A microphone in hand and 100 trillion thoughts running through your head.  What do u do?  What do you say? Does it matter?.  YOU have the Mic and it doesn’t matter what you have to say, they are going to listen.  There’s a reason for... Continue Reading →

Its All About You.

Do not do it because everyone else is doing it. Do not do it because everyone is telling you to do it.  Do it because YOU want to and when it all falls down YOU are okay with picking up all the pieces by Yourself. I have always been one of those people that are highly influenced by... Continue Reading →


I have to continuously remind myself that it is okay not to be okay.  It is okay not to have it all together right now. It is okay to doubt everyone in my life and  doubt everything that i have done.  I lived my whole life in fear, fear of loosing people, not being wanted... Continue Reading →

It is Possible.

It is possible to be at ease. It is possible to have enough. It is possible to feel at peace. It is possible to be enough. It is possible to accomplish every goal you set. It is possible to re-brand yourself. It is absolutely positively possible to be happy. It is always a guaranteed possibility to... Continue Reading →

Custom Made Editions.

The difference between a custom edition and a limited edition is one major thing, a limited is made in limited  batch for a limited time, a custom  is individually made for a specific person.  A Limited edition is the exact same thing as a couple of other people in the  same area, state or even... Continue Reading →


    It 6:00 am in the morning and your alarm is going off, you are going to do one thing or the other, snooze the alarm  for another  5 minute  and continue your sleep or dismiss the alarm and wake up.  The people who decide to snooze for that extra five min take a... Continue Reading →

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