Time Management.

How do people do it? Go to work, Come home and cook for their family, Clean the house, Raise their clones and sleep enough for the next day tasks.  I CAN NOT.  There are people out there with a family of 4,  full time job, Soccer moms, Ballet Dads, Football families and still have time... Continue Reading →

Dramatic Twist.

Don't you hate movies that have does unpredictable twist and plots, Like a mother killing her daughters husband or a  best friend poisoning everyone's mind about another friend all in the name of power.  Those Dramatic and unthinkable movies are  always the best movies to watch but a lot of movies forget to put "Based... Continue Reading →

Role Play.

Everyone that comes in and out  of your life is for a reason. There's absolutely no reason for you to carry hate in your heart because of something that someone has put you through, that was the assignment that was given to them, they were sent to teach you what ever lesson you learned from... Continue Reading →

A HUGE Thank You to all of the amazing people that participated.  I loved seeing all the new views, getting emails on ideas, on topics to discuss and even collaborations, But most importantly i loved getting the "yes me too, omg i needed this." Mission Accomplished.  I have so much more to do and to... Continue Reading →

Warriors behind the screen.

Let us all give a round of applause to the generation we live in. A round of applause to the generation of the Antisocial, Anti-happy, Anti-support and of course the most important Anti-Growth.  To the generation of followers and Teams, Followers that have never and probably will never meet the person they chose to  follow... Continue Reading →


It seems that we are living just to be alive but not enough to feel alive.                          A lot of us are locked up behind the bars of our thoughts, locked up behind  the Obsession with other peoples perception of who we are and... Continue Reading →

Give. Love. Laugh.

Give until you feel that you have contributed as much as you have accumulated.  Love until you no longer question your heart. Laugh, Laugh until tears are running down your face and your sides are aching.    Truth is we live in a selfish world,  A world full of self centered people  a "Dog eat... Continue Reading →

stay focused, stay humble, always HUSTLE.

Hustle: force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.   busy movement and activity. a fraud or swindle. Hustling is going out hungry and being ready to do whatever it takes to be full, Hustling is knowing that there is something better out there so you will continuously work until you get... Continue Reading →

Faith in Lagos.

  Wake up, Pray, Eat, Work, Pray, Go home, Pray, Eat, Pray and Sleep. In a city where everyone is constantly on the move,  No time to sleep and barely time to eat, The one thing that is impressed me the most and stand out to me during my stay in Lagos was faith.  The... Continue Reading →

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