Friends like stars.

So we do not talk every day, but everyone has those friends that always know when to pop up at the perfect time.  Pop up with the best news and the random "hey stupid, you alive, okay good, I love you."  Friends like stars we do not always see them but they are always there,... Continue Reading →

Blast from the past.

Sometimes it takes something or someone from our past to remind us of some important lessons. Lessons that we have learned and was needed for growth. Lessons to get to the next level from a student chasing after love to an adult running away from it. Lessons we did not even ask for. Good and... Continue Reading →

Your time.

What do you do to relax or dis stress. Eat one of my many favorite comfort food. Indomie and eggs, Amala and okra, Pounded yam and Vegetable soup,  Jasmine Rice and Turkey Stew Wine (As Long as its sweet and red) Watch a good sitcom or movie.... ( cartoons issa plus) Just be one with... Continue Reading →


I dedicate this post to my lucky number.  Number 7.  Seven has always been my favorite number from time, I honestly can not explain why or what makes this number so special. 7,17,27,37,47 i do not mind what number it is, as long as the number seven is involved. I do not know why  we... Continue Reading →

If i had a minute with 21 year old me?

Hello beautiful, Yes i say beautiful because that is what you are. Stop comparing yourself to everyone, Your beauty is something deeper than your surface.  Your beauty is perfectly imperfect and someone somewhere is dreaming of someone just like you. School is the smallest part of your journey, Your grades will be just  fine and... Continue Reading →

My 2019 Quotes to live by.

"Pray like your life depends on it, IT DOES" "Trust God" "Only i can change my life, No one can change it for me" "You are enough" "I am mine before i am ever anyone else's" "Invest in yourself : Physically, Mentally, and spiritually"  "Patience through all the tough times, its time, it will always... Continue Reading →

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